Borealh was born out of a desire to celebrate moments spent in the comfort and security of home, away from the chaos of our overexcited society. By offering you something beautiful, I hope to bring calm and uniqueness to your interior space; to help you create a peaceful haven as individual as you, where you can truly relax and recharge.

Borealh’s identity

Nature: by favouring natural materials whenever possible and creating designs inspired by nature;

Uniqueness: by striving to offer unique and original items;

Quality and respect: by offering high-quality end items, using know-how and raw materials that are in line with my values;

Environment: by working with environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, and by striving to recycle, reuse, recover, and reduce loss and waste;

The joys of cocooning, because there really is no place like home;

Mystery and spirituality: by creating items that integrate what’s visible, but also and more importantly, what’s invisible.


Made in Montreal with care, music, patience, and two black cats.



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